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Peter Morcombe, CFOT, CFOS/I
FOA Master Instructor, Consulting Engineer
Peter Morcombe has over 25 years experience in high tech telecommunications and computers. He had responsibility for
over 500 projects in 18 countries including the 140 Mbps fiber optic link from Hitchin to Stevenage in 1977, the ME29
computer project in 1980 and the Duke University Free Electron Laser in 1990.  Peter spent 15 years developing lasers and
picosecond streak cameras.  His fiber optics experience includes the manufacture of fiber, fiber optic cable, terminal
equipment and complete systems installation.  Peter worked with many of the fiber optic pioneers including Charles Kao and
David Payne.  He worked on TAT-8, the first long haul submarine fiber optic system and on many terrestrial fiber projects.  
His teaching experience includes "Fiber To The Home".  Peter's professional qualifications include IEE, IEEE and LEOS.
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