Top 10 Fiber Questions All Fiber Optics Networking Technicians Should Know

There’s a lot to remember as a FOA Certified Fiber Optics Technician, but it’s important to stay on top of the field.

Take this exercise below to test your knowledge! How Do You Measure Up? Are you Squared Away?

  1. Per ANSI/EIA/TIA-568B.3, what is the maximum attenuation allowed per mated pair of connectors? What is the maximum attenuation allowed for a mechanical splice?
  2. Which multimode fiber cable provides for 10GbE at 300 meters?
  3. How does one perform a Link Loss Budget Analysis for a fiber optic system? In other words – how does one analyze the resulting attenuation of a fiber segment? Is the Power too high or is it too low and what does a good technician do about it in both respects?
  4. Using a Power Source & Light Meter, do you know how to determine which connector has the higher attenuation when testing a fiber segment?
  5. Do you know how to use a Bare Fiber Adapter and a VFL?
  6. Do you know how to read an OTDR Trace? If so – what is a Gainer? What are LSA’s?
  7. What is the maximum pulling tension for installing indoor fiber optics cable?
  8. Considering reference cables, can you explain Method B? Can you explain Method A?
  9. What are the 4 elements that make up a fiber optic transmission system?
  10. Erbium-doped optical fiber is used for what purpose?

If you or your fiber installation technicians can not answer the basic fiber questions listed above, why not enroll them in our CFOT program so they can do a better job for you AND for your customers.

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FOA Certified Instructor, Michael Rauch Joins BDI Datalynk, LLC

April 14, 2017

BDI DataLynk is pleased to announce that Michael Rauch, FOA Certified Instructor, has joined our professional fiber optics
instructor group. Michael graduated from Rowan University in 2009 with a dual major in Business Management and Human
Resource Management.

He was certified as a fiber optic technician in October of 2013 and began working for Dynamic Telenet Infrastructure shortly
after. His tasks included the installation and maintenance of fiber networks throughout the metropolitan New York area.
Among the customers Michael serviced were the NYC Housing Authority, Newark Airport and NJ Transit.

In 2014, he began working for J.T. Oronzio General Contracting installing and maintaining fiber networks throughout the
east coast. Including customers such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Crown Castle and many more. Responsibilities included
fiber installation, splicing, connector termination, OTDR and insertion loss testing.

Michael is an FOA Certified Fiber Optics Instructor for CFOT, CFOS/T, CFOS/S, and CFOS/O BDI Datalynk/FOA courses.

Hobbies – Traveling, Biking, Camping, Water Sports and Spending time with family.

BDI DataLynk, LLC is an Austin based company providing standards-based fiber optics network infrastructure
training programs. Programs are sanctioned by the Fiber Optics Association (FOA).

For more information on the BDI DataLynk, LLC training programs and current class schedules, visit the web site
at or call 512-785-9024.