Thank you for the wonderful job you do for our students. The quality or instruction and the professional demeanor provide a valuable service for those we serve. It’s truly a pleasure to work with you.
— Sara Bouse, CE Director, Alvin, Texas

Bob, I want to thank you personally for coming to Houston on such a short notice. The fiber optics training you offered has expanded my knowledge in fiber optics, and has allowed me to understand theory and basic’s that I didn’t know prior. Your teaching methods are excellent both verbal and hands-on. Your saying,” I can teach you to get zeros on your connectors” is such a true statement and I had the opportunity to prove that today. I’m looking forward to using the knowledge that you have provided. I will be keeping in touch as I’m interested in taking your Advanced Specialist class as well.
Again thank you.
— Ron L., Houston, Texas

This is one of the best if not the best certification courses I have ever taken. The hands-on sessions were very instrumental in preparing me for a job.
— Dennis K., Dickinson, TX

Hands-on experience was great! Course was a little short, however.
— Lee M., Grande Praire, TX

I found this fiber optics training program on the Internet and the hands-on activities were exceptional. The instructor was easy to understand and very detailed in his explanations.
— Roger D., Texarkana, AR

I read about this program in the local newspaper. I found the hands-on sessions to be fun and never boring.
— Brandon H., Pottsboro, TX

I liked everything about the course. Hands-on sessions, lectures – everything!
— Rick B., Tulsa, OK

The one-on-one time with the students was great. Bob spent a considerable amount of time with those that needed a little extra help on certain procedures. A great course.
— Morris M., Kenetic, OK

…The hands-on sessions were exceptional.
— Larry R., Colorado Springs, CO

Clear, Concise, to the point, and well-taught.
–Edward W., Sherman, TX

…The hands-on exercises were great.
— Anna W., Goliad, TX

There was not anything that I disliked about this program. The hands-on sessions, the use of test equipment and tools and the overall fiber optics knowledge shared was substantial.
— Steve M., Colorado Springs, CO

I am from Nigeria. I have had no technical training at all. This fiber optics training was detailed and explained everything from basic fiber optics theory to how to properly use the tools.
— Louis A., Dallas, TX

I enjoyed everything about both fiber optics courses.
— Ron W., Arlington, TX

I liked the rapid pace of the course and the detailed hands-on activities.
— Gerald S., Fred, TX

The amount of material covered was just right. The cost was very affordable.
— Curtis S., Silsbee, TX

I loved everything about the course. I have been in fiber optics for 16 years and have never attended a better course.
— Sam C., Arlington, TX

I have been in fiber optics for 16 years and I never new I could learn so much more. I took both the Basic and Advanced Fiber Optics Courses and learned even more than what I though I knew.
— Vernon R., New Orleans, LA

Wow! The instructor was so detailed in his explanations. The hands-on exercises were lots of fun.
— Leslie T,. Colorado Springs, CO

Very informative and great hands-on exercises.
— Jim W., Robinson, TX

Quick and cheap. Hands-on session were the greatest.
— James D., Spring, TX