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I want to thank you personally for coming to Houston on such a short notice.  The fiber optics training you
offered has expanded my knowledge in fiber optics, and has allowed me to understand theory and basic’s
that I didn’t know prior.   Your teaching methods are excellent both verbal and hands-on.  Your saying,” I can
teach you to get zeros on your connectors” is such a true statement and I had the opportunity to prove that
today.   I’m looking forward to using the knowledge that you have provided.   I will be keeping in touch as I’m
interested in taking your Advanced Specialist class as well.   
Again thank you. -- Ron L., Houston, Texas
This is one of the best if not the best
certification courses I have ever taken.  The
hands-on sessions were very instrumental in
preparing me for a job. -- Dennis K.,
Dickinson, TX
Hands-on experience was
great!  Course was a little short,
however. -- Lee M., Grande
Praire, TX
I found this fiber optics training program on the Internet and the hands-on
activities were exceptional.  The instructor was easy to understand and very
detailed in his explanations.  Roger D., Texarkana, AR
I read about this
program in the local
newspaper.  I found the
hands-on sessions to be
fun and never boring. --
Brandon H., Pottsboro,
I liked everything about the
course.  Hands-on sessions,
lectures - everything! -- Rick B.,
Tulsa, OK
The one-on-one time with the students was great.  Bob
spent a considerable amount of time with those that
needed a little extra help on certain procedures.  A great
course. -- Morris M., Kenetic, OK
Too much for me in a short amount of time,
but the hands-on sessions were exceptional.
-- Larry R., -- Colorado Springs, CO
I still think copper networks should be
outlawed!  -- Wavelength, Austin, TX
Clear, Concise, to the point, and well-taught.
--Edward W., Sherman, TX
Day 1 lecture was a bit long but the hands-on
exercises were great.  Anna W., Goliad, TX
There was not anything that I disliked about this program.  The
hands-on sessions, the use of test equipment and tools and the overall
fiber optics knowledge shared was substantial. -- Steve M., Colorado
Springs, CO
I wish that there was more time in the hands-on sessions.  
They were so informative that I wish I could have done
more.  Michael H., -- Austin, TX
I am from Nigeria.  I have had no technical training
at all.  This fiber optics training was detailed and
explained everything from basic fiber optics theory
to how to properly use the tools. -- Louis A., Dallas,
I enjoyed everything about both
fiber optics courses. -- Ron W.
Arlington, TX
I liked the rapid pace of the course and
the detailed hands-on activities. --
Gerald S., Fred, TX
The amount of material covered was just
right.  The course itself was too short and I
would have payed more for a longer
program.  The cost was very affordable. --
Curtis S., Silsbee, TX
I loved everything about the
course.  I have been in fiber
optics for 16 years and have
never attend a better course. --
Sam C., Arlington, TX
I have been in fiber optics for 16 years and I never new I could learn so
much more.  I took both the Basic and Advanced Fiber Optics Courses
and learned even more than what I though I knew. -- Vernon R., New
Orleans, LA
Wow!  I was brain-dead at the end of the first day.  But it got easier because
the instructor was so detailed in his explanations.  The hands-on exercises
were lots of fun. -- Leslie T,. Colorado Springs, CO
Very informative and great hands-on
exercises.  The tester went out but the
instructor brought an extra one. -- Jim W.,
Robinson, TX
Quick and cheap.  Hands-on session were
the greatest. -- James D., Spring, TX
"Thank you for the wonderful job you do for our
students.  The quality or instruction and the
professional demeanor provide a valuable service
for those we serve.  It's truly a pleasure to work
with you."
--- Sara Bouse, CE Director, Alvin, Texas
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