Fiber Optic Association – The FOA

Unlike some fiber optic training companies, BDI DataLynk does not charge extra for taking the Certification Exams if they are taken the same day of class. In addition, we pay for the student’s initial application fee to the FOA. This fee includes 3-year membership to the Fiber Optic Association.

After you have completed a BDI DataLynk Fiber Optic Training Course and have passed the exams, you have earned an industry recognized Fiber Optic Technician Certification from the Fiber Optic Association

Certifications and Credits

These courses are sanctioned by the Fiber Optic Association (FOA), the largest professional society of fiber optics in the world.

FOA Sanctioned

Student Certificates

Just Who Is the Fiber Optic Association?

The FOA is an international non-profit educational organization that is dedicated to promoting professionalism in the field of fiber optics. Founded in 1999 by a dozen prominent fiber optics instructors and industry personnel, it has grown to now being the leader in:

  • Setting Standards for and administering Technical Certification Programs
  • Evaluating and Approving Fiber Optic Training Schools
  • Developing Textbooks, Courses and Fiber Optic Training Programs for school use around the world.
  • Training and Certifying Fiber Optics Instructors
  • Participating in Industry Standards Activities
  • Publishing Fiber Optics Industry Related Newsletters
  • Promoting Fiber Optics Applications and Education
  • Participating in Fiber Optics Industry Forums Since 1999, over 50,000 techs have successfully completed FOA Sanctioned Fiber Optic Technician certification.