Myths of Fiber Optics

Fiber to the Desk is always More
than UTP.

Fiber is
Extremely Hard to Work With.

Fiber is
More Fragile than UTP Copper.

Fiber is
More Expensive than UTP Copper

One needs
Expensive Test Equipment to
test fiber cabling.

Installing Fiber Cabling is
Labor Intensive.

Fiber cabling needs to be installed in
Expensive Plenum Innerduct.

It takes Longer to Install a fiber plant
compared to installing a UTP Cable Plant.
Bob Ballard, Owner,
FOA Master Instructor,
Scuba Diver, Treasure
Over the years I have found that being miss-informed usually will cost the
individual lots of money.  I did a Fiber To The Desk talk several years ago for a
major University near Houston, TX.  They had just completed three new
buildings and had installed Category 6 UTP Cabling to the desk.  The IT
Director was saddened to find that he could have saved over $30, 000 had he
installed FTTD in one of his three new buildings.  The Network Design Firm
failed to offer him a FTTD solution because they had ASSUMED the fiber
solution was more expensive.  That same "design" firm did not even know that
50/125 micron fiber was a part of the new
568B.3 Standard. ---Bob Ballard,
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