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Fiber Optic Training

BDI Datalynk opened in 1999 to provide basic and advanced fiber optics technician training throughout the United States. Hands-on training in five FOA-approved certification courses from experienced instructors.

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Tools and Test Equipment

We also supply industry leading fiber optics tools and technology.

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BDI DataLynk publishes new articles and professional whitepapers to assist our students and industry professionals to stay on top of the field.

Myths of Fiber Optics

  • Fiber to the Desk is always More Expensive than UTP.
  • Fiber is Extremely Hard to Work With.
  • Fiber is More Fragile than UTP Copper.
  • Fiber is More Expensive than UTP Copper
  • One needs Expensive Test Equipment to test fiber cabling.
  • Installing Fiber Cabling is Labor Intensive.
  • Fiber cabling needs to be installed in Expensive Plenum Innerduct.
  • It takes Longer to Install a fiber plant compared to installing a UTP Cable Plant.

Over the years I have found that being miss-informed usually will cost the individual lots of money. I did a Fiber To The Desk talk several years ago for a major University near Houston, TX. They had just completed three new buildings and had installed Category 6 UTP Cabling to the desk. The IT Director was saddened to find that he could have saved over $30, 000 had he installed FTTD in one of his three new buildings. The Network Design Firm failed to offer him a FTTD solution because they had ASSUMED the fiber solution was more expensive. That same “design” firm did not even know that 50/125 micron fiber was a part of the new 568B.3 Standard