CFxT – Certified Fiber to the Home Technician

CFxT Course Outline

“Can you imagine how cool it will be to have virtually unlimited bandwidth to your home? Makes me glow in the dark just thinking about it.”

Yes! You have to take some notes. Otherwise this program is about 85% hands-on.

Do you know that these two little tools could be your best “friends” when testing and troubleshooting? Do you know how to use them?


Day – 1:

  • Introduction to FTTx (FTTH/P, FTTC)
  • Types of FTTx Architectures
  • Designing FTTx Networks
  • Installing FTTx Segments
  • PON Splitters/Couplers & Associated Components
  • FTTx Testing & Troubleshooting
  • FTTx Fiber Optics Safety
  • OSP Fiber Installation Review
  • Hands-on Session Begins

Day – 2:

  • Review of OTDR & OLTS Testing Procedures
  • Hands-on Session Continues
  • OLTS and OTDR PON Testing

Day – 3:

  • Written Exam (Must answer 70% Correct)
  • Practical Hands-on Exam
  • Class Discussion
  • Administer and Grade Written CFxT Test
  • Test Results & Review, Conclusion

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