Fiber Optics Training Opportunities

That’s right! We are looking for individuals that would like to supplement his/her income with Part Time Contract fiber optics training opportunities.

The ideal individual will have the following attributes:

  1. Be willing to travel to Campus Locations on a part time basis. (You must drive to each location. Time away from home will be between 16 – 18 weeks per year or more based upon your request. Have the ability to lift up to 50 lbs. (You have to load, unload, and set up equipment.)
  2. Must be able to read and speak the English language fluently.
  3. Must have experience in fiber optics and copper networking. Must be willing to attend a BDI DataLynk CFOT and CFOS/T or /S Course.
  4. Must have a good teaching ability. Have you taught classes before? Have you taught fiber optics classes in the past?
  5. Should have an SUV or similar style of vehicle to transport equipment.
  6. MUST have another method of income.
  7. Must be willing to except Contract Labor responsibilities such as: Submit a W-9 Form to BDi DataLynk, carry your own insurance, be held responsible for company-owned equipment.
  8. Be willing to manage your own time and teaching responsibilities in a professional and workman-like manner.
  9. Be willing to submit an invoice to BDI DataLynk, LLC for your services and reasonable expenses for each training junket.
  10. Be willing to teach courses according to Industry, FOA, and BDI DataLynk standards and procedures.
  11. Must take and pass the FOA on line Certified Fiber Optics Instructor test.

You just Show Up and do the program!

Send us an email if this sounds like you!